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Systematic Literature Review

What is the aim of the systematic literature review?

The nAMD Barometer Leadership Coalition conducted a systematic literature review of factors affecting non-adherence to and non-persistence with intravitreal anti-VEGF therapy for nAMD, with the aims of:

  • Identifying risk factors for non-adherence and non-persistence
  • Evaluating existing strategies to improve adherence or persistence
  • Investigating rates of non-adherence to and non-persistence with anti-VEGF therapy for nAMD in real-world practice
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Definitions for NA/NP are not standardised in nAMD


Standardised definitions are needed to accurately investigate levels of NA/NP in the real-world

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Few studies have investigated the reasons for NA/NP


There is a need to better understand risk factors associated with NA/NP

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NA/NP predominantly occurs within 12–24 months


Represents a key window for patient education intervention

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Older age and lower income are common characteristics associated with NA/NP


Triaging patients based on known risk factors for interventions should be explored

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Perception of stable disease is a key reason for NA/NP


Represents an opportunity to improve patient education around the purpose of treatment to set appropriate expectations