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Qualitative Observational Study

What is the qualitative observational study?

The nAMD Barometer Leadership Coalition initiated a qualitative observational study with multi-dimensional analysis to understand the behavioural, environmental, psychological, and logistical challenges that could act as barriers for optimal outcomes for patients receiving anti-VEGF injections for nAMD. Interviews were conducted with patients from three clinics: one in France (n=5), Germany (n=6) and the United Kingdom (n=6). Patients were asked about the practical and emotional effects of nAMD on their lives, their knowledge and understanding of their disease and treatment expectations, and their thoughts on their healthcare team and clinic organization.

Patient, physician and caregiver interviews were conducted:

Physicians were asked about their patients’ characteristics, medical history, knowledge about nAMD and attitudes/behaviour whilst receiving treatment. Physicians were also asked about any patient support programmes that they may have recommended to their patients.

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Patients and caregivers were asked about the information that they received from the treating physician, whether the results of treatment matched their expectations, how nAMD impacts them/the patient they care for, and their attitudes to attending treatment and monitoring visits.

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The results of this insightful study add to our understanding of patients’ emotions related to their experience of nAMD and its management, highlighting the varying experiences between individuals. The study concludes that the patients’ voice is vital when considering patient care and management, and how the nature and timing of interventions can improve the experience of living with and managing nAMD.


Click here for the full results of the study, published in Ophthalmology and Therapy.