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Welcome to the Barometer resources zone!

On this page, you will find a variety of useful educational tools and resources to help advance clinical practice and optimise patient care.

Employer Information Pack

Do your DME patients struggle to attend appointments because either they, or their accompanying person, cannot take time off work? Do they feel that their employers do not fully understand the treatment requirements of DME? The Barometer Ambassador Committee has developed a DME Employer Information pack dedicated to helping employers understand treatment requirements and support their employees living with DME. The materials consist of a doctor's note and an accompanying pamphlet explaining the condition and the need for frequent eye appointments.   

Download the Employer Information Pack to see how this could support your patient in improving their employers' understanding of their condition and treatment requirements. 


Communication strategies to improve adherence in neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) treatment

Do you find it hard to identify and engage in conversation with patients at risk for non-adherence and non-persistence? Developed with members of the Barometer Leadership Coalition to support clinician engagement with patients and revised by members of the Ambassador Committee to improve its usability in local clinics, this guide is dedicated to facilitating conversations with patients identified as at risk for non-adherence and non-persistence. It also highlights critical aspects to encourage proactive engagement with patients to address their concerns, with the overall aim of enabling patient-centric care. 


Ambassador Committee Co-Chair Professor Mehmet Numan Alp said "I believe that this guide will be an important tool to reveal risk factors related to non-adherence and non-persistence and I look forward to introducing this guide in my clinic".

Download the Discussion Guide to see how this could support discussions with your patient about their wellbeing and adherence to nAMD treatment.


‘A Chat with Anat’

In these podcasts, the Co-Chair of the Barometer Leadership Coalition (LC) and host, Professor Anat Loewenstein, is joined by internationally-renowned colleagues from the Leadership Coalition and Vision Academy to discuss patient-focused topics covering clinical challenges in ophthalmology and controversies in care. 


Follow on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to access all new episodes when they are released. 

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nAMD Barometer Programme Webinars

One of the communication channels for the nAMD Barometer programme in 2021 was through quarterly webinars, which can be viewed and downloaded below: