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nAMD Barometer Survey

What is the nAMD Barometer Survey?

The Barometer Leadership Coalition designed a global patient, clinician and clinic staff survey to investigate the challenges associated with clinical management of nAMD, DR and DME from these different perspectives. The survey also identified opportunities to overcome barriers to sub-optimal patient outcomes from these perspectives.

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We had overwhelming participation in the survey! We received over 14,000 completed responses from 78 clinics across 24 countries. Thank you to all the clinics that have contributed.

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The data generated by the survey will inform future Barometer developments, including interventions aimed at optimising care, reducing the burden on patients and clinics, and improving long-term outcomes.

The Global dataset were presented for the first time at EURETINA 2023. To read the abstracts click on the titles below: 

Opportunities to improve clinical management of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema: Insights from global survey data of patients, providers, and clinics staff from 24 counties 

A global survey of patients, providers, and clinic staff from 24 countries reveals barriers to optimal care delivery for nAMD due to constraints and gaps in clinic capacity  

Country reports are being developed to help clinics understand how they are performing in relation to their peers, and help them identify potential areas for improvement,

Stay tuned for more presentations, publications, and materials from the Global Survey! 

Survey data was analyzed by Exploristics, Inc.